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Children's Books Bundle

Children's Books Bundle

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In this bundle: 
  1. My Saintly Friends coloring book
  2. My Saintly Alphabet coloring book
  3. My Saintly Family story book
  4. Saint Antony & the Humble Leaflet story book

"Let the (Child's) senses receive their first impressions from sacred objects: the icon and the light of the lamp for the eyes, sacred hymns for the hearing, etc. The child as yet understands nothing of what is before his eyes, but his eye and hearing become accustomed to these objects, and they, occupying the heart beforehand, by this very fact put other objects far away." Saint Theophan the Recluse

Please note: This is a Print-On-Demand bundle. It takes about a week to print and another week to ship. Please take that into consideration when ordering for feasts and holiday seasons! 

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