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Support the making of Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades Audio Drama

Support the making of Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades Audio Drama

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Help bring this incredible story of Salvation to the masses.

Note: this is an in-progress, future-dated digital product that will be made freely available.

What does it sound like when God descends?

Anastasis: The Harrowing of Hades Audio Drama is a full-cast adaptation of the Harrowing of hades graphic novel on Christ’s descent to the underworld.

Put on your best pair of headphones. immerse yourself alongside the Old Testament souls as they experience the emotional build-up to the fateful crucifixion and the consequences of Christ’s enigmatic descent. 



Thank you + written production credit


Previous rewards
Digital copy of the script
High quality wav file of the audio drama


Previous rewards
Digital wallpaper pack
Limited edition Anastasis art print


Please note: rewards will be fulfilled after the audio drama is published.

How will the budget be used?

Budgeting priority goes as follows: 

  1. Voice Actors & Musical Talent 
  2. Resourcing Sound Libraries & Digital Tools 
  3. Mastering Services

My priority is paying the actors involved. The more of this project is funded, the more roles I'm able to source. 


There is very little risk of the project not coming together. I have a path forward and know where I'd have to cut to still arrive at a final product no matter the funding. Quality might suffer, but the story will be told! 

There is risk to release deadline. Ideally, it coincides with May 6th (Joyous Saturday for some). If it takes longer to produce, it will still hopefully be out shortly after Easter. 

A Note

Thank you. As an independent artist and storyteller, your support (monetary and otherwise) allows me to release things at a scale I wouldn't otherwise have access to. For that I'm thankful. 

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